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Potential buyers had the opportunity to choose their perfect match in terms of mobile listening technology.The ability to play your own music and listen privately was a huge selling point of the Walkman, especially amongst teens, who greatly contributed to its success.The original Walkman cassette player, released in 1979, changed music listening habits by allowing people to listen to their music whilst on the move.

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In later years, it has been used by Sony to market digital portable audio/video players, as well as a line of mobile phones introduced in 2005.

By replacing the recording head with a playback head, and the speaker with an amplifier, Sony engineers were able to combine the portability of the Pressman with the stereo experience of the TC-D5.

By using lower-end components to reduce the price, and enclosing the parts in an attractive casing, they had solved Ibuka's challenge.

Sony thus began work on a portable player that could combine light weight and stereo sound with a price an ordinary consumer could afford.

The original prototype was built from a heavily modified Sony Pressman, a lightweight, compact tape recorder designed for journalists.

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